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Complete rewrite of the copy interception system with SuperCopier
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The default Windows Explorer file copy function does not have features like resuming copy, controlling speed etc. SuperCopier is a replacement for Windows Explorer’s copy functionality. SuperCopier replaces Windows Explorer file copy and adds many features. These include transfer resuming, copy speed computation and control, improved copy progress display, copy list editable while copying, copy list saving/loading, and an error log.

When you copy a file, you will realize that there is not much difference between this program and another similar one. What is for you to see (a copy progress bar) is displayed on the monitor, but what is hidden is making the all the difference. First of all, it is a little faster, having a better speed computation. Secondly, the CPU and memory usage is reduced (compared to the traditional copying tools), which is better for systems with reduced amount of memory.

Having a transfer pause and resuming option, the application controls the copy speed and maintains its own log for errors. This can be saved as a text file in the source or the destination folder, or in any other directory you may choose. If you assembled a list of files to be copied, you could save it to a file and load it later at a convenient time.

Advanced parameters can be used such as SupperCopier process priority or the software's settings location. Changing the size of the used buffer or the throttle interval can get tricky for novice users, so a help file is attached to explain the produced impact on modifying these values. Not only Windows Explorer can be substituted by this program, but any other file navigator. All that needs doing is adding it to the list of processes that SuperCopier must handle.

As an overall, SuperCopier is a software which speeds up the copy process of your files, with a low CPU usage and memory usage. It can be activated or deactivated in no time and is very easy to use. Once you have defined your personalized settings they can be stored by the program as defaults from the Option tab within the New Thread ->Copy feature.

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  • very easy to use and faster than Windows Explorer's file copying system


  • doesn't work on Vista
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